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Who’s To Blame?

Who do we blame?

Politicians. Banks. Big Business.

Who don’t we blame?


Wh0 votes in politicians? Who uses banks? Who buys from big business?


How are we not to blame?

The stark reality is that if we voted more wisely, if we refused to play ball with the banks, and if we became more discerning in what we bought, politicians, banks and big business would behave very differently.

We are to blame.

We talk about Big Brother. About how media brainwashes us. We know they exist. But what do we do?



Because deep down we don’t want to know or care.

WE control the world we live in by doing NOTHING. If we so SOMETHING that will change.

Will we do something?

Only when we have no choice.

And by then it may be too late.

Think about that…


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